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Hey all there are a couple of different ways you can get in contact me with me! Whether you want to ask a question or say something nice to me,want some blogging tips or want me to check out your blog!

1. Comment on my blog on any of the posts or on this page! I reply to all of my comments!

2. Tweet me at @makeupbyjessxo if you let me know you are a follower on my blog I will 100% follow you back. I also reply to every tweet that you send me.

3. You can email me at! I will try and reply to your email as soon as possible. I should reply within a week of you sending the email!

4. Follow me on Instagram and again if you tell me you are a reader of my blog I will follow you back! 

Thanks for reading! If you do want to get in contact with me make sure you do with one of these options!


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